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Creative Blog Hop Q&A

I have been asked by my lovely and extremely talented Sarah Hurley team colleague to take part in a Creative blog hop. Its very difficult to capture your craft journey in one post but I will give it a try and hope for the best!

What am I working on?
I have been taking photos of butterflies-my passion as anyone who follows me well knows! I have been working on a way to include these in my crafting and have been playing with some new mediums. Here is a photo of one of my projects I have just finished (I will create a separate post to explain how I made it)

Ever since I have been blogging I have come from cards and then expanded my crafting into all sorts of new crafts-I now even sew which I thought I would never be able to do! I am very glad to have been brave enough to try new crafts and I really feel my blogging has encouraged me in doing so-its wonderful to be part of a wide supportive network of crafters!

How does my work vary from others in my genre?
I always find these questions really difficult to answer-I think if I asked the people who follow my blog they would have a much better idea of how it does. I will do my best to answer though. I try to make my crafts varied and try new things, I may have come from card making but now I like to create lots of different crafts and share these with my followers and crafty peers.
I am told that I have a very distinct style, but I am not sure how to describe this. I love bright colours and I love creating vibrant and eye catching makes, and I also like to make really practical makes I can use everyday like my phone case. 
I also love to create upcycling projects like my tin can brooches and lightbulb baubles.
I include some of my favourite makes below for you to look at.
My phone case and a gemstone butterfly necklace

A CAS card and my beaded curtain tie backs

A male card and a ribbon flower hairband

A wicker butterfly decoration and an altered lampshade

A CAS butterfly card and a pair of altered flip flops

My tin can brooches and faux butterfly frame

A ribbon wreath and altered lightbulb baubles

A Sweetheart butterfly canvas and a Ship card

My kindle case and a Christmas card with its own wreath

How does your writing/creative process work?
I quite often have my best ideas just as I am falling asleep! This is a blessing and a curse, but im glad for it-my mind is always trying to think of what I am going to make next. As for writing my blog it depends on my mood-but I try to make a structure of how I came to make something, how I made it and which products I used and a little greeting and thank you to my lovely followers. They are after all the best part of blogging!

Thank you so much for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it. 
I pass the torch on to:
and Amy


  1. Totally stunning creations x

  2. hi Elaine, sorry a bit late visiting, but so glad I did.
    really enjoyed reading your post and so glad you accepted the invite to joinin, it is so refreshing and inspiring to see a dedicated crafter doing what they enjoy. I love that you are able to create such a variety of altered crafts.

    Claire x


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Thank you for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them all :-) Elaine-xxx-

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