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A Family Scrapbook for a Loving Nan Part One.

Good evening everyone :)

I want to share a project that is very close to my heart. Recently my Nan turned 80 and I wanted to make her something really special-we are very close and there is just not enough I can do to show her how much I love and appreciate her.

I told her I wanted to take a look at her family photos in order to rescue and restore them for the future-making digital copies would also allow me to share them with everyone in the family so we make sure that they are safe in many hands!

She gave me a huge bag of photos-over 100 years or more-because she had some of her parents family photos too. Obviously being that old they required some restoration so as I scanned them into my computer I used Photoshop to restore them digitally and it was wonderful to watch some photos which were almost completely ruined turn into *almost* perfect again.

I didn't tell her what I was up to really-but it was her birthday coming up and we were planning a huge family party so I wanted t…

Alphabet Letter Light

Good evening everyone :) I am here with a simple make for my new room. I noticed they had decorate your own alphabet LED lights from American Crafts which have a system that makes it easy to switch out the paper or card you use to decorate it in case you get bored-so you can leave or change it as often as you like.

It comes with a letter, LED lights, bulb covers and a template for the letter. This time round I chose an aqua colour glitter paper and cut the outside with scissors and the bulb spaces with a craft knife. You then add the bulb covers through those holes (great because it covers any scruffy attempts to cut for the little bulb holes!) and then you place the LED lights through into the bulb covers. It takes two AAA batteries and the battery box fits neatly into the back of the letter so its easy to hide and to turn off/on.

I am really pleased with this addition to my newly painted shelves above my desk :)

Homemade Jute Cork board and pins

Another project for my new room! I was bored of the old office style thin wooden framed cork boards I had and they needed replacing anyway. I wanted my new board to be different and I love the look of jute. I looked at buying one with a nice frame but they were expensive-and when decorating every penny matters.

So I bought a large silver photo frame I liked and took it apart. I discarded the glass and the back of the frame.

I had two sheets of cork and a layer of jute. I placed these in the frame, with mod podge between the layers and lastly added thick corrugated cardboard to the back. We then affixed it to the wall with screws.

Next I made my own decorative pins with attractive buttons I had in my stash. That way I get to keep them but for a useful purpose instead of them sitting in tins!

I would like to enter the following challenges:
Crafting from the Heart: Anything Goes
Craft Your Passion: Anything Goes
Not just Cards: Anything Goes
Corrosive Challenges: Anything Goes
Love to Create…

Making a Plastic Multi Frame Your Own Special Decor Accent Piece!

Good afternoon everyone. Sorry it has been a while-my health hasn't been at it's best but I miss blogging so I am hoping to slowly get back into it! Thank you for your patience and support-it really does mean a lot to me :)

We just decorated my bedroom so I have been making my own accents to make my room unique using the various techniques and skills I have learnt over the years from crafting. It has saved me a lot of money and hopefully you'll enjoy seeing the different makes I have created for my new room and it will inspire you too! :)

I had been looking for a multi frame for my wall. The wooden shabby chic ones I loved were a fortune I really didn't have so I bought a plastic multi frame for my new room and hoped for the best. However when it arrived the white was off white and looked dirty from transit so I really wasn't happy with the look. I really loved the designs of the frames and it was what I wanted so I decided that instead of returning it I should gi…