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Crafty Ribbons Poppy and Polka Dot Shoe Bows

Hey everyone, I hope you are well! I am here with some shoe bows made using Poppy ribbon and lots a dots ribbon. I cut six identical lengths of ribbon-four of the polka dot, two of the poppy. I then folded each ribbon length and glued in the centre of the back. (tying bows make these too bulky so folding and faux bow is better!). I then assembled each one of the pair, adding a gem that I had removed from some cheap jewellery from the pound store in the centre to finish them well. Lastly I glued the shoe clips on the reverse. An easy and effective way to accessorise your outfit with your favourite ribbons!

Thank you for looking and for all your lovely comments!

Alkaline Trio Vintage Style Shoe Bows

Hey everyone, I hope you are well! I was messing about with making cool accessories and I had an idea to make some vintage style shoe bows for my shoes with an Alkaline Trio theme. (My favourite band!).
I used iron on transfer paper to print some heartskulls on and then ironed them onto the ribbon I wanted to use. I used a lovely mint satin ribbon for the centre of this bow and then used some gorgeous fuschia grosgrain ribbon to make the design really 'pop'.
What I love about these is that you can take them on/off any of the edges of any shoes without damage and they give such a different look to your outfit so you can take your plain shoes and theme them as you like!