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Crafty Ribbons Tawny Orange Wreath

Good morning everyone, hope you are well. I am here today with a wreath I made using some of the gorgeous Jam pot ribbons from Crafty Ribbons. Super easy to make, relaxing to create and make lovely little gifts or inexpensive decor to switch round in your space.
I cut lengths of the ribbon and then tied it around the polystyrene ring. Its useful to have some clear nail varnish to hand to prevent the ribbon from fraying.

Thank you for looking, have a lovely day!

Alkaline Trio lyrics mixed media canvas

I am here to show you a canvas I created using printable cotton, cotton batting, plastic vintage style frame, acrylic paints, die cut foam, metal embellishments, glitters, texture pastes and nail caviar. The lyric fabric I created in a craft program then printed onto cotton, and placed in the frame after I had stuffed the frame with cotton batting.

Alkaline Trio Trouble Breathing LED canvas

A mixed media piece created with cool white LED lights in the reverse of the canvas, acrylic paints, wooden stars and pierced clusters of stars using a needle amongst lyrics on canvas card stock and a shrink plastic heartskull.

Alkaline Trio Vintage Mirror

I bought a plain white plastic mirror and wanted to create a gothic style mirror with it. I bought a faux gold necklace and painted the pieces and the mirror black and added pastes to make it look like a vintage piece. I glued these embellishments and the heartskull shrink plastic embellishment at the top of the mirror.

Alkaline Trio Papercut Shadow box

I made myself a paper cut light box with some of my favourite things as a theme. I cut out layers and layers of blank paper into the shapes of butterflies, heartskulls, decor accents and placed them on 3D foam layers so when the light shined behind all you could see was the design I wanted to show. I chose remote control coloured LEDs and created inside a wooden box I decorated with napkin decoupage to go with the decor in my room. I added a sheet of glass to protect the delicate art.

Alkaline Trio Vintage Nose over Tail frame

I created the design, cut carefully and placed on hessian fabric with 3D foam pads to add dimension to the box frame.

Alkaline Trio Broken Wing Plimsolls

I decided to create some trio plimsolls for myself. The front of the plimsoll had plastic ends so I painted with nail varnish, one side a large heartskull, the other sparkly black. I added a shrink plastic heartskull on the opposite side, with polka dot design behind.
I handwrote lyrics from Broken wing on each shoe.

Alkaline Trio Live Young, Die Fast Tombstone

I am here to share a wooden tombstone mixed media piece themed around the song 'Live young, die fast' by Alkaline Trio. I created with die cut foam, acrylic paints, wooden embellishments, ceramic embellishments, resin flowers and hearts with shrink plastic elements I created too. Its finished with a metal quote plate on the stand.

Alkaline Trio Belt Buckle

I found some blank metal belt buckles on ebay a little while back so I decided to try altering one. For this project I used design papers, Canvas cardstock, corner punch and glossy accents. I created the design and die cut stars out from the paper. Once it was all glued and dried inside the buckle I covered the entire design with a layer of glossy accents.

Trouble Breathing Tombstone

I took a wooden tombstone shape and created a star scene with texture pastes, stars I die cut out of foam, acrylic paints and mica pigments, some lyrics on canvas paper, a shrink plastic heartskull and a metal quote.

Alkaline Trio Clock

Good evening everyone, hope you are well! I am here with a clock I made as a gift for a friend. I made an A4 design of lyrics in a craft program then printed onto pretty design paper. On the edges I added musical notes paper, then I added the clock movement and four shrink plastic heartskulls.

Alkaline Trio Lyric Shaker Poster

I created a 'snow globe' type poster for a friend. I created a poster and embossed with black butterflies. I then wanted to add something extra special so I created the globe effect by adding nail caviar in pretty colours (various purples, black and silver) and then sealed the unit so they wouldn't escape from the frame. I then used texture paste on the frame and painted with black and acrylic then sealed with mod podge.

Mourn Again Music themed LED backlit canvas

I wanted to create something special for Derek from Alkaline trio so I decided to make him a back lit canvas themed around his solo work. I sewed LED lights into the back of the canvas, then made a design and pierced the card stock to make 'stars' around the trees to really show the light behind. Then I made a 'frame' with embossed metallic card stock which I sanded and added embellishments to. A little while later Derek featured it on his instagram which was a huge honour.

Legacy Scrapbook

One project I have been creating for years is a 'Legacy' scrapbook where I took all the photos I could get hold of, arrest their decay from age by scanning into the computer and working to restore them to the best of my ability with photoshop and then printing and creating with the photos to honour them as they should be honoured as my ancestors. I bought a kit a long while ago so I have four scrapbooks to cover my father's and mother's branches of the family from my grandparents back with photos from each family. I am trying to create a legacy scrapbook I can pass on to family that come after me and hopefully pass on a love of the past. I chose a distressed type kit because it fits the age of the photos and is beautiful despite the flaws. I hope you enjoy seeing them. Have a good day :)

Alkaline Trio Wooden Treasure Chest

Hey everyone, hope you are well. I am here with a gift I made for my friend Nicola. Its a wooden chest with padded lyric printed fabric top. I started with the fabric. I used printable cotton, made a design with various trio lyrics and embellishments and printed it. I then found a plastic vintage frame and glued it onto the top.
I made a raised pattern around the frame with texture pastes and added wooden embellishments in each corner. I then painted it all with black, then varnished and sealed with hard coat mod podge.
Then I got out some cotton batting you use in quilts and padded inside the frame. Lastly I placed the fabric inside.
Thank you for visiting, hope you have a good day! :)

Id like to enter Love to Create Challenge-Anything Mixed Media Goes

Alkaline Trio themed bookmark gifts

Hey everyone, I am here with some little gifts I made for some of my Trio friends. Velvet trio themed bookmarks. I used shrink plastic, blank metal and glass pendants and assorted charms, velvet ribbon, and ribbon clasps.
Thank you for visiting and hope you have a lovely day!

Monogram Slate place mats and coasters

Hey everyone, hope you are well! I'm here to show you some of the gifts I created at Christmas. I used Cricut adhesive foil in silver. I found some plain slate place mats and coasters. I designed then cut matching but scaled to fit monogram patterns and transferred them onto the slate. Lastly I coated the surface with mod podge to seal.

I'd like to enter this into the following challenges:

Dragonfly Dreams-Anything Goes
The Corrosive Challenge-Anything Goes

Thank you for visiting and hope you have a good day!